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The perfect opportunity to SHOWCASE your company across the prairie startup community!

Closed Aug. 16, 2022 midnight MDT

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Pitching gives startups the exposure they need to be successful

The GPPM is a fantastic opportunity for startups to "show and tell" their innovative companies to a supportive audience of local entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers alongside the entire Prairie startup community.



  1. Apply to pitch before Aug 16, 2022 - only the top 200 will get to pitch​.

  2. All companies get 3 min. to share their company.

  3. Pitching will be on Zoom and presenters will share their slides from their computers.

  4. Each pitch block will be hosted by a different Prairie startup community supporter.

  5. Guests are encouraged to make suggestions, recommendations, and referrals during the event.

Pitching is an opportunity to...


Prairie startups have raised over $1 billion in 2022 alone


Showcase to peers your exciting new innovations and challenges


Discover unique insights, new customers, and practice your pitch


Receive feedback, support, and connections to help you get to the next level

Apply to pitch here!

Provide your contact information, company details, and pitch deck to be considered for the 2022 Great Prairies Pitch Marathon on August 18, 2022.

Registration closed midnight Aug. 16, 2022

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