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9+hrs | 200+ Startups | 30+ Hosts | Massive Afterparties

Coming August 24th, 2023

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About Great Pitch Marathon

A 'show and tell' to showcase startups across all stages and sectors to a friendly audience with amazing afterparties!

GPPM 2022 Time Capsule

Rewatch the event and find company details in our 2022 archives.

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2023 Pitch Marathon – An all-day community event for startups!

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Shelvie – Fly and Fetch – GPPM testimonial strip (1).png

Shelvie, Fly and Fetch

Great Alberta Marathon is a great way to shout to the world what your startup is. There will be customers, investors, friends, and various audiences that are watching. It’s also a great event to showcase the Alberta startup scene which we’re very happy to be part of

Anika – Ruth – GPPM testimonial strip (1).png

Anka, Ruth

It was a great opportunity for us to practice our pitching skills among so many awesome Albertan companies! Such an encouraging ecosystem to be part of.

Brett – Goodlawyer – GPPM testimonial strip (1).png

Brett, Goodlawyer

The Great Pitch Marathon was an incredible opportunity for new startups to gain exposure for the first time and for early-stage founders to start finding their tribe


2023 Sectors

AI, ML, SaaS & Software


Education, HR & Workforce


Energy & Cleantech

Ag & Bioscience

Life Sciences

Media & Arts

Manufacturing, Robotics & Aviation

Food & Beverage


Leisure & Travel


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